after the absence


I’ve been a pretty slack blogger in recent times; or basically since I have moved home.

Here is what is new in the life of limbo:

*We are finally moving out of home…. into our old home that we gave up to go travelling. I couldn’t be happier about it! Although I certainly could be happier with already having furniture and all the do-dads that make houses homes. We are considering recycling old furniture and trying to make it beautiful again to cheapen things up a bit and also make things a bit more personal. If anyone knows of any blogs that discuss doing this kind of thing I would love to hear about it. The more inspiration the better I say. I’m very excited to decorate and to finally have some personal space again.

*We are now……. trying for a baby. After being so so desperate to make a family for oh so long, the husband has finally agreed that now is the right time. We have been trying for a month although have been yet to concieve as yet. Positive thoughts though.

* I left my job at the cafe and am now working at a shoe shop which is…. interesting. I most definately don’t love it but I do enjoy doing something different. My only concern is hours, currently I’m only doing a few days a week which is resulting in under 30 hours. This morning I got a call from a beauty retailer, inviting me to interview which I think I am going to do. They are only offering weekend work and perhaps a Monday so I’m thinking perhaps the two jobs could work together. It’s really going to depend on the interview and how willing they would be to work in with my other job. Anyway, we’ll see.

* The last item on my agenda is that whilst my husband is working full hours, because he is only casual he doesn’t get any holiday pay. The problem with that is his work are closing down for a month over the holiday period and he won’t get paid for the whole time. Eek! I’m thinking that this would be the perfect time to do a spending fast in preparation for the lack of money flow. I’m very inspired by so I think we could do this.

Anyway, it’s been lovely to write and I hope to hear some of your thoughts on furniture renovations, two jobs and everything in between.


About danielledawes

I am a 20 something Australian gal. I'm married to the most amazing man on the planet (sorry ladies, you've all lucked out) and am currently in limbo waiting to return home after 3 months in Europe. I still have no decided what I want to be when I grow up.

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