Monthly Archives: September 2011

The ‘Right’ time?


Unfortunately, now that I’m home my life is a 100x less exciting. Massive boo… for you. But I’m still kind of loving it. I’m just trying to plan my next move.

What I wannnntttttt my next move to be is have a baby. I’m almost 25, I’ve been married for 3 years and quite frankly, I’d be darn fabulous at it. I’m great at cooking, I’m good with money, I have a wonderful relationship with my husband and I’m pretty mature…. okay, totally debatable. But the rest is true.

The problem is, it’s never the right time for us. Before and obviously during our adventure, it is not a perfect time to have a baby. Unless you like carrying one around in a back pack and it enjoys eating meals to the value of $2.20. Now that we are home we face another baby blocking dilemma…. we currently live at home with my Grandmother. I don’t even have a car at the moment (Although that fact is about to change in the next couple of weeks).

I want to be stable and all. I want to be able to give a baby all it deserves but sometimes I wonder if there will never be a right time.  I feel like I’m going to be waiting and waiting until I turn 100 for it to be the ‘right’ time.

When was it the ‘right’ time for you? Is there such a thing?