No anywhere but home


I am back in the land of Oz and it is Ttttttte-rffic. I can’t even tell you how great it is to be home. I knew I missed it here but I didn’t know how much until I got home. I cried when I got to my room. All that wall paper and poo colour carpet I never felt overly sentimental about suddenly became the best thing I’d ever seen  To quote one of my all time favourite movies (The Wizard of Oz) “there’s no place like home”. That reminds me… I still haven’t unpacked my shoes. But never fear, I have already re-colour coded my wardrobe.

It’s amazing how quickly things can fall into place. Within days, both my husband and I were employed again. I got my old job back and my hubby began working for another stone masonry firm. We both feel so good working. It gives us a purpose. Days off are so much better when you’ve earnt them. Unless you win the lottery. Then you can do what you want. I like to think I would go all Angelina and do some work for the UN. But even I know that I’m more likely to drive children into slave labour than help them out of it. Only kidding but seriously, I’m a bad egg. It’s better for the universe if I just work and save my money.

I can’t get enough of doing simple things. I’ve been walking round the block twice a day, hanging out with my family, watching movies with my husband and Nan (we’re like the odd triple), cooking and a spot of reading here and there (if you count my Nan’s that’s life magazine… which I totally do).

It’s the simple things you miss while you’re enjoying the wonders of the world. Just wait for a couple of months, I’ll be complaining all over again about the simple things and be desperate for someone to buy me a plane ticket to anywhere.

For now, there is no anywhere I’d rather be than here. Where would you rather be?



About danielledawes

I am a 20 something Australian gal. I'm married to the most amazing man on the planet (sorry ladies, you've all lucked out) and am currently in limbo waiting to return home after 3 months in Europe. I still have no decided what I want to be when I grow up.

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