Homeward bound


We have returned from our final adventure in Greece. Arrived back in London just in time for the riots; we all know how much I love looting and acting like a total chav…. not really.

Greece was absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad that we took our last trip there. We visited 4 islands; Mykonas, Paros, Santorini and Ios, as well as Athens. The highlights for me where Paros and Santorini because basically I’m a massive Nanna. While all the others on our tour went for all night party-a-thons in Mykonas and Ios, the hubby and I had quiet dinners, chats on the beach and played cards. We are so out of control. Watch out go fish… we know how to par-tay.

Paros and Santorini were very chilled out. Perfect for watching the sun go down, reading books on the balcony, wandering through the streets eating £2.20 Gyros and taking Facebook profile pics… just for lols of course.

Athens was very disappointing I must admit. I will forever look back on it and recall its sticky heat and overwhelming smell of cat pee. It’s such a shame because it has so much potential to be a beautiful place. Le sigh. But it made me ready to go home, inducing incredible homesickness.

I’ve missed my family so much while being over the other side of the world. I miss Vegemite, tim tams and decent sausage rolls. All the simple things at home that I just don’t have here, particularly my colour coded wardrobe. Because I’m an absolute freak.

Tomorrow is actually our last day in London though so it won’t be long until I can unpack that suitcase of mine for the first time in 3 months and put everything back in its order. My Dad is picking us up from the airport so I shall be begging on the way for him to take us for a sausage roll. If anyone is under the illusion that England does this pastry justice – come to Australia!  We rock the shizz out of the saus roll. We also do amazing potato scallops but that’s another story, if I have to think about them too much I might sink into depression.

Whilst I’m obviously super excited to be going home, I am totally going to miss London. The energy of the place, the amazing public transport, the people, the close proximity to other countries and the fact that no one cares what you wear or how you look over here, you can just be yourself. Right now I’m using a turtle shell as a dress and no one is even looking twice. Except that I’m not. Because that would be mean.

What do you miss when you are away from home??


About danielledawes

I am a 20 something Australian gal. I'm married to the most amazing man on the planet (sorry ladies, you've all lucked out) and am currently in limbo waiting to return home after 3 months in Europe. I still have no decided what I want to be when I grow up.

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